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Pedicures by OPI

The ultimate pedicure service cleanses, renews and restores the spirit and mind as well as the feet.

Pedicure by OPI is a system of professional products developed to transforms ordinary services into extraordinary spa services.

A system so simple, it's perfect.

Pedicure by OPI restores soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energise. It is, in a word paradise for the feet.

Express Pedicure£23
OPI Replenishing Pedicure£43
OPI Luxury Pedicure£53


OPI Manicure & OPI Spa Pedicure£73
OPI Luxury Manicure & OPI Luxury Pedicure£93
Add-ons French£10
Add-ons Ingrow Toenails£15
Add-ons Brisa £13

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